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Acute Bronchitis Treatment

Urgent Care Near Oceanside, CA & Walk-in Clinic Provides Flu, Cough & Acute Bronchitis Treatment at 8-2-8

Almost everyone has experienced a cough, usually accompanied by the flu or a cold. But acute bronchitis is a more serious infection, and can have a variety of causes. While acute bronchitis is relatively common, it can be severe in some cases and is important to treat early on when symptoms are first recognized. At 8-2-8 Urgent Care near Oceanside, CA, our medical professionals are well experienced in recognizing the symptoms of acute bronchitis and providing advice for preventing the illness.

Here are some common questions that our team at 8-2-8 Urgent Care often receives about acute bronchitis treatment in Oceanside, CA:

What is acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which carry air to your lungs. Usually it causes a cough that leads to heavy mucus and wheezing. While the infection can last just a few days, the cough can stick around for a few weeks.

How is it caused and treated?

It is caused by a virus, which means it is highly contagious and spread through other people. In some cases, acute bronchitis can be caused by smoke or pollution. Treatments are straightforward in minor cases and can include aspirin, rest, and fluids.

How can I prevent acute bronchitis?

Practicing hygiene is the number one way to prevent acute bronchitis. Washing your hands and avoiding contagious friends or family are the basic ways to avoid viruses in general.

While acute bronchitis is relatively common, it is important to prevent the disease if at all possible, as it can lead to more serious health complications. At 8-2-8 Urgent Care near Oceanside, CA, our medical team can provide you with more information and tips on preventing acute bronchitis.

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