Walk-in STD TESTING Services in Oceanside, CA


STD Testing Near Me in Oceanside, CA

8-2-8 Urgent Care is a Professionally Staffed STD Clinic in Oceanside Offering Same Day Results

8-2-8 Urgent Care provides comprehensive, STD testing services in a discreet and convenient manner for patients who want to ensure their sexual health. Because more than half of Americans will contract a sexually transmitted disease in their lifetimes, staying on top of your sexual wellbeing is more important than ever, and 8-2-8 Urgent Care is here to make it as easy as possible. You can receive confidential, same-day STD testing with no appointment necessary

According to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA), the statistics on STDs in the U.S. are staggering:

Anyone who is sexually active should be concerned about their sexual health. Left unchecked, STDs can wreak havoc on your reproductive system. This is true for both men and women.

What Are the Most Common STDs?

There are dozens of different STDs, some more common than others. They all fall into one of two categories: bacterial or viral. Here are some of the most common STDs:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Genital Herpes
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Genital warts
  • Mouth and throat infections
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitis B)
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8-2-8 Urgent Care is one of the first urgent cares nationwide, to offer on-site same day results for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. We have partnered with Cepheid to bring our patients accurate molecular testing. You can have results in as little as 90 minutes.

The Need

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Chlamydia (CT) and Gonorrhea (NG) are the most commonly reported sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If left untreated, complications can include pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, proctitis, urethritis, complications during pregnancy, and infections in newborns.

The 2015 updated CDC guidelines now recommend the following:

  • Women: Annual CT/NG screening of women under 25 or older women with risk factors. Patients with positive results should be retested after 3 months
  • Heterosexual Men: CT screening should be considered in high prevalence settings
  • MSM: CT/NG nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) is recommended NAATs are recognized by the CDC as the most sensitive tests.

The Solution

Healthcare staff in moderate complexity environments can run a CT/NG test with minimal training. Each test cartridge contains everything you need, including three controls to ensure test integrity and performance. With Xpert® CT/NG’s fast results in 90 minutes, same day diagnosis and treatment are possible for immediate patient care.

On-demand CT/NG testing — a next generation solution:

  • Sample adequacy control confirms patient sample is genuine
  • CT target unique to Cepheid; selected for superior inclusivity
  • Double your confidence with two independent NG targets
  • Broader menu of tests
  • The GeneXpert® System handles a range of testing— from low volume to high volume

When you visit our state-of-the-art 8-2-8 Urgent Care center for STD testing, a dedicated professional will begin by assessing any symptoms you may have and then perform a blood or urine test (or both if needed). Our medical professionals are also able to perform gynecological examinations and other sexual health care services if needed.

At 8-2-8 Urgent Care, we understand how important your privacy is to you. The reason for your visit will always be kept confidential, and you will receive medical treatment in a comfortable and private room with one of our friendly and passionate medical personnel seeing you through every step of the screening process.

While some symptoms of STDs can be readily apparent, there are common STDs that present little to no symptoms and are therefore impossible to diagnose without proper screening. If you have questions about STDs or would like STD testing that is convenient and confidential, contact or visit 8-2-8 Urgent Care TODAY.

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