Tricare Military Healthcare Services near Oceanside, CA


Tricare Military Healthcare Services at 8-2-8 Urgent Care Clinic near Oceanside, CA

8-2-8 Urgent Care Proudly Serves Patients Who Serve Our Country

Our Doctors are Tricare Providers!!!

Are you part of a military family living or stationed in San Diego County? You can visit 8-2-8 Urgent Care without an appointment! We are open every day of the year including holidays from 8am to 8pm. We are a state-of-the-art facility equipped with an on-site digital x-ray and lab for all your medical needs.

It is vital that you understand your benefits and the differences in plans. We are enrolled in the Tricare West Region. As a courtesy to you, we have outlined the most common types of military plans and how they work:

Tricare Standard: Fee-for-service plan available to all non-active duty beneficiaries. This plan offers the most freedom of choice for medical providers.

  • You are able to get care from any TRICARE-authorized provider, network or non-network. Referrals are not required, but some care may require prior authorization. You may have a balance due after the claim has been processed.
  • Deductible: Active duty family members (sponsor rank E-4 and below):
    • $50/Individual - $100/Family
  • Active duty family members (sponsor rank E-5 and above):
    • $150/Individual - $300/Family
  • All others:
    • $150/Individual - $300/Family

Tricare Prime: A managed care option offering the most affordable and comprehensive coverage similar to an HMO plan. There is NO annual deductible unless you are using the point-of-service option:

  • Active duty members must seek a referral from their PCP prior to the office visit; you must have authorization to be seen at 8-2-8 Urgent Care. Family members of active duty members may come in to our office and we will get authorization using UHC Military Online resource tools.
  • POS - Deductible: $300/Individual - $600/Family

How much do I pay for an outpatient visit as a Network Provider?

  • Active duty service members: $0
  • Active duty family members: $0
  • All others: $12 per visit

Non-Network Provider:

  • With PCM referral: Same as network provider costs.
  • Without PCM referral: Point-of-service fees apply.

Note: Active duty service members may not use the point-of-service option

Tricare Retired: A premium based health plan that qualified retired reserve members and survivors may purchase. You may get care from any TRICARE-authorized provider, network or non-network, without a referral. Some services require prior authorization.

  • Deductible $150/Individual
  • $300/Family.
  • Out Patient visit: Network Provider: 20% of the negotiated rate after the annual deductible is met.

Non-network Provider: 25% of the TRICARE allowable charge after the annual deductible is met.

Tricare for life: Offers secondary coverage to Tricare Beneficiaries who are have both Medicare part A & B. Medicare Part A & B required. Get care from any authorized provider.

Minimal out-of-pocket costs (aside from Medicare Part B premium)

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