DOT Physical Exams: What Do They Include and How to Get One

DOT physicals are used to determine whether or not a person is physically fit to perform the duties that are required as part of their job. A DOT physical must be performed by a physician or medical professional who has been certified by the FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

DOT Physical Exams- Urgent Care Clinic

How Do You Get a DOT Physical?

To get your annual DOT physical, you need to call and make an appointment with a physician who is certified to perform them. The staff of 8-2-8 Urgent Care can perform DOT physicals as well as many other types of testing.

What Jobs Require a DOT Physical?

A DOT physical is required by any person who operates a commercial or passenger vehicle that meets specific requirements. These include:

  • Operating a vehicle that carries up to 15 passengers
  • Driving a commercial vehicle more than 75 miles from your business's place of operation
  • Traveling across state lines for business purposes
  • Operating a vehicle that must comply with specific weight ratings

Are Drug Tests Part of a DOT Physical?

No. Drug tests are not part of the DOT physical. However, most companies normally require a mandatory five-panel drug test that includes screenings for marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and cocaine as part of their hiring process.

What Is Required for a DOT Physical?

In order for a DOT physical to be performed, the medical professional will need the necessary forms to fill out. The person performing the physical will be required to include their certification and credentials to prove they were qualified to administer the test.

What Is Included in a DOT Physical?

DOT physicals include the following:

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Blood glucose screenings
  • Stress test
  • A vision test
  • Hernia check
  • Evaluate the health of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Observe any spinal abnormalities

Get your DOT physical examination at your nearest urgent care clinic. If you need to schedule your annual or bi-annual DOT physical, call the staff at 8-2-8 Urgent Care today!


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