Flu Shot Guide for 2018-2019: What You Need to Know

With the arrival of the flu season each year, people are proactive to get their annual flu shots. However, every year, the flu virus can transform and can grow stronger and more resistant to the effect of particular vaccines. That's why a few changes to the flu vaccines are recommended each year to make them suitable against different viruses.

Flu Shot Guide

Here is a flu shot guide for 2018-2019 to help you make an informed decision about flu vaccines for you and your family.

Flu Shot Guide 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 flu season offers a few new flu vaccinations options that can apply to the viruses that are in circulation. There are also various alternatives when it comes to dispensing the vaccines. The nasal spray flu vaccine can now be used on individuals aged 2 to 49 if they meet the health requirements.

Virus Protection for the 2018-2019 Flu Season

The flu virus changes and evolves daily. This constant change makes it almost impossible for one vaccine to contain all of the different strains and variations. Flu vaccines are regularly updated and reformulated so that they are effective against the most common flu viruses at the time.

Who Benefits Most from the Flu Shot?

Everyone can benefit from the flu vaccine to some degree. If you work with the public on a daily basis or have children who attend school, you should consider getting the flu shot. It's also extremely beneficial for the very young or the elderly to receive the flu shot to boost their immune systems that may not be strong enough to fight off the virus by itself.

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When's the Best Time to Get the Flu Shot?

You need to try and get the flu shot before the flu season starts. While it takes up to 2 weeks for the antibodies to be able to protect you, the flu can sneak in at any time. With that in mind, making an appointment with your doctor about a month before the start of the flu season will give your body ample time to prepare itself for exposure to the virus appropriately.

Are Their Different Types of Flu Shots?

There are different options regarding the actual vaccine. Aside from the nasal spray, there are also standard dose flu shots, high dose flu shots, recombinant vaccines, flu shots made with an adjuvant, and flu shots derived from viruses grown in cell culture. Your doctor will talk to you regarding your options for the most suitable flu vaccine based on your needs.

Where Can You Get Flu Shots?

You can visit your nearest urgent care center or walk-in clinic to get all the information you need concerning the flu shot and its different variations. Urgent care specialists value patients’ health and guide them accordingly.

Contact us at (760) 216-6253 to learn more about flu shots or to schedule an appointment at our urgent care and a walk-in clinic for flu vaccination or other urgent medical care by our experienced providers.


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