8 Halloween Healthy and Safety Tips for Children

Oct 10, 2022



Halloween is here, a beloved and exciting holiday among children. The trick-or-treating tradition, pumpkins, spooky decorations, and fun Halloween costumes are all popular with kids. Many kids engage in enjoyable group activities as Halloween approaches. However, many of these activities can be dangerous and cause injuries to children.

Children also run the risk of allergic reactions to peanuts and tree nuts which increase by 85% on Halloween in children. Furthermore, pedestrian fatalities are 43% high on Halloween, among which children are the most vulnerable. Therefore, it’s important to learn about and strictly follow all the Halloween safety tips to celebrate the occasion safely. 

How Can Children Perform Different Halloween Activities Safely?

Kids are thrilled by different Halloween traditions and costumes. However, wearing a mask or walking in the dark could lead to tripping and falling. Pumpkin carving may also result in hand injuries and cuts. Nevertheless, as a parent, you can prevent those injuries by:

  • Staying with your children and looking after them.
  • Driving your kids in your car with extra safety and seatbelts secured.
  • Carefully read the ingredients labels and expiration dates on candy/food.
  • Following all the laws and guidelines laid out by your state authorities. 

Additionally, we have included more Halloween safety tips to reduce the likelihood of getting sick and having accidents.

Safety Tips to Keep up with the Fun This Halloween

To ensure your kids have a safe and enjoyable Halloween, follow these Halloween safety tips:

1. Precaution for Costumes

Costumes should be well-fitting. Adjust or tailor costumes as needed. Costumes that are too long could lead kids to trip and fall. It should also be noted that children are more visible when wearing colorful costumes at night. You can also put reflective strips or tapes on outfits and candy baskets to increase visibility. Be sure to sanitize the cosmetics accessories and costumes to get rid of any germs on the fabric after buying them. Caps that slide down over the eyes of a child and those long wigs that cover the entire face are discouraged. Also, looking for clothing and accessories that are fire-retardant is recommended.

2. Trick-or-Treating Tips

Children should wear face masks to avoid possible infections like the cold and flu. A responsible adult should always accompany children. The families of older kids should map out a safe route for trick-or-treating. When trick-or-treating, make sure that children maintain a considerable distance from others and prevent touching too many surfaces.

3. Safety Tips for Halloween at Home

To keep your residence safe for trick-or-treaters, remove any tripping risks. Prevent children from tripping over objects like metal pipes, bicycles, and lawn ornaments by keeping the porch and yard clean of them. Restore any burned-out bulbs after inspecting exterior lighting. Additionally, deep clean the corners of your house and disinfect the surfaces of metal pieces to keep germs at bay.

4. Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

Never let young toddlers participate in elaborate pumpkin carving ideas. Adults must employ a small pumpkin as the easiest Halloween safety tip to follow. Prohibit large blades, which may become stuck in the pumpkins and lead to accidents. Instead of lighting your pumpkin with a candle, think about using a flashlight or electric candle to avoid unexpected burns and fire accidents. Candlelit pumpkins should not be left unsupervised.

5. Rinse Hands Properly

Use sanitizer after contacting people or things while participating in Halloween celebrations. Everybody should rinse their hands with liquid and warm water for at least twenty seconds before consuming sweets to prevent transmission of any germs.

6. Do Not Share Your Drinks or Food

Avoid face-to-face contact and transmission of germs. Do not let your children share food and drinks. Consider giving out individual candy bags to every child. Providing a good meal to your kid before they go out for Halloween will prevent them from eating food outside. It will prove an effective way to save your children from infections. 

7. Better Communication

Always walk on the sidewalk and stay on well-lit streets. Keep a charged cell phone with you in case of an emergency. Keep group communication for better involvement and safety. Parents must be aware of the Halloween itinerary of their kids. 

8. Other Safety Tips

Following other essential Halloween safety tips like maintaining a suitable physical distance in the group, avoiding unnecessary proximity at parties, carrying a first-aid kit along, and accompanying your kids on their Halloween rounds can ensure their safety and keep them away from the spread.

Ensure Safety and Make a Real Treat This Halloween

Halloween is a family-friendly event that many people associate with excitement and happiness. As we enter the festive period, we want you to find moments of happiness while being mindful of the Halloween safety tips. By following the aforementioned tips, you can prevent a lot of mishaps on this day. However, don't worry if your child gets hurt while participating in activities. You can contact the nearest walk-in urgent care facility to obtain quick treatment. 

Contact 8-2-8 Urgent Care for Immediate Medical Care on Halloween!

If you or your children suffer an accident while performing any Halloween activities, you can contact us. Kids of all ages can receive pediatric urgent care in Oceanside, CA, at 8-2-8 Urgent Care. This Halloween season, keep up the good times, practice safety, and have fun!

Content Sources:  WPR, Smithsonian Magazine
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