All That You Need to Know About Immigration Medical Exams

Immigrants from other countries who seek permanent residence in the United States are required to complete immigration medical exams upon arrival. You can complete your exam at a walk in medical clinic. Here are important details to understand before setting your appointment.

Immigration Medical Exams near Oceanside, CA

Purpose of an Immigration Medical Exam

Medical exams are used to ensure that you are healthy and do not pose any health risks to the public. Refugees who enter the United States and desire legal citizenship are also required to take immigration medical exams. These exams help prevent serious illnesses from spreading in the United States. Additionally, foreign nationals are required to take these exams when applying for visas, even for temporary visits in some cases.

How Medical Examination is Conducted Under an Immigration Medical Exam

Medical examinations are conducted by civil surgeons and panel physicians approved by the USCIS. These media professionals must follow USCIS guidelines. Examinations include the following procedures along with other requirements:

  • blood test
  • tuberculosis test
  • mental health test
  • vaccination against transmittable diseases

Generally, it takes 4-5 days to get all these tests and the whole process completed.

What To Bring to an Immigration Medical Exam

After making your appointment, plan to bring with you a copy of the USCIS Form I-693, medical records, and a valid government-issued photo ID. Refugees who have applied for an immigrant visa must use Form DS-2053.

Cost of an Immigration Medical Exam

Immigration medical exams at our walk in medical clinic in Oceanside, CA cost around $325. It covers a Physical Exam by a civil surgeon, a TB Skin Test, a Blood Test for Syphilis, and discussing and recommending vaccination requirements for completion of your I-693.

Medical Exam Requirements for Green Cards

Once you have completed all immigration medical exams and your application has been approved you will receive your Green Card and become a lawful resident of the United States.

Immigration Form I-693

After seeing the civil surgeon, you will need to complete Part 1 of the form, then sign it. The civil surgeon will document the examination results, which will remain valid for one year. You will then be given a sealed envelope containing the completed form I-693 form, along with the required vaccination records that you'll submit to a USCIS official.

If you are applying for citizenship, seeking permanent residency in the United States, or applying for a green card, you will need to have an immigration physical by a certified civil surgeon. At 828 Urgent Care, you'll get the best service and support at an affordable rate.

Please call us at (760) 216-6253 or visit us at our Oceanside walk-in medical clinic.


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