All You Need To Know About Travel Vaccines and Immunizations

It is everybody’s dream to get out of their comfort zone, explore various places, and experience the marvels of the world. But in the midst of all the enjoyment, there are risks to your health as well.

There’s no need to get scared or call off your trip. Instead of dismissing your travel goals, consider this an opportunity to get protection from potential diseases or health problem. There are easily accessible immunizations available for you to ensure that you take home only the wonderful memories of your trip. This is where the role of travel vaccinations begins.

Travel Vaccines and Immunizations

What Factors Are Considered for Travel Vaccination Requirements?

Once you finalize your international travel plans, it’s wise to schedule an appointment with a travel health guide to discuss your overall health and immunization requirements. Your requirements for specific travel vaccines will be considered on the basis of the following factors:

  • Your risk of vulnerability to diseases in the destination country
  • Your age, health status, and vaccination history
  • The existence of any extra individual risk components, like pregnancy Reactions to past vaccine doses and your allergy records (including travel medicine allergies)
  • The risk of contaminating others
  • Duration of travel abroad

Which Vaccines Are Require Before Traveling?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all travelers are recommended to have the routine program of childhood vaccinations and booster doses. The CDC has categorized travel vaccinations into routine, recommended, and required vaccinations.

Routine Vaccinations- Are the ones normally given during childhood. In the US, routine vaccinations recommended for adults include:

  • Diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTP)
  • Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B (HBV)
  • Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib)
  • Measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
  • Poliomyelitis (IPV)

Recommended Vaccinations- Are administered to defend travelers from diseases that occur regularly in other parts of the world. A few examples of vaccines that may be recommended for international travelers include:

  • Typhoid- Transmitted through contaminated drinking water or food, and found throughout the world.

  • Rabies- Acquired by the bite of an infected animal and found in many countries including parts of south-east Asia, Brazil, China, and Sri Lanka.

  • Japanese Encephalitis- It is a mosquito-borne disease prevalent throughout Asia and the western Pacific regions.

Required Vaccinations- Some vaccinations are plainly recommended, while others are compulsory if traveling to particular countries. Examples of required or compulsory vaccines include yellow fever for traveling to tropical Africa and South America and meningococcal vaccine, which is necessary when visiting Saudi Arabia.

Safeguarding your health is not only a must for your own safety, but for the safety of your fellow travelers too!

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