Urgent Care Clinics or Walk-In-Health Clinics: When to Choose

There are times when you know you need to see a doctor, but it's too late to schedule an appointment at their office and your problem isn't severe enough for you to make a trip to the emergency room.

Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics provide you with options that will ensure you get the treatment you need without having to schedule an appointment or wait in line at an emergency room. How do you know when you need them? Read on to know more about the features of urgent care clinics and walk-in-health clinics and when you need their services.

Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent Care Clinics An urgent care clinic is a step-down from an emergency room. Following are the features of urgent care clinics:

  • They handle moderate to severe injuries and illnesses, such as high fevers, possible fractures, severe asthma attacks or upper respiratory infections.

  • They have the diagnostic tools to make an accurate diagnosis and can provide treatment options that will provide relief until you can make it into your primary care physician.

  • The doctors and nurses who work in urgent care facilities normally have experience working in emergency rooms and other types of emergency situations.

  • Urgent care facilities normally cost less than $200 per visit if you pay out of your own pocket.

Walk-In Health Clinics These are the attributes of walk-in-health clinics:

  • A walk-in clinic is the best place for less serious issues like a sore throat, an ear infection, sprains, or deep cuts that aren't stitch-worthy.

  • You can also go to a walk-in health clinic if you are seeking preventative medicine.

  • Most clinics offer vaccinations and may be able to help you keep a close eye on chronic health conditions that include diabetes and hypertension.

  • Because the type of cases treated at a walk-in health clinic are less severe, most are staffed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses who have experience working in a doctor's office.

  • In some states, walk-in-health clinics may be able to fill prescriptions as well.

Walk-in- clinic or urgent care center are different from an emergency room which is basically meant for serious health problems. They both serve a purpose if you need medical attention in a hurry. Assess the level of your need to know when you need an urgent care or walk-in-clinic to receive the most suitable treatment.

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8-2-8 Urgent Care

8-2-8 Urgent Care, based in Oceanside, California is a state-of-the-art urgent care and walk-in clinic that provides immediate medical care to all your regular healthcare needs. We are an emergency urgent care facility capable of treating everything from minor illness, like a fever or flu, to the more severe illnesses and injuries such as fractures and lacerations, to work related injuries and pediatric urgent care needs. We have an all equipment ready lab that's able to provide immediate test results and we are open every day, including the holidays.

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